Our initiatives strengthen Oregon communities by focusing on recruiting leaders, creating joint initiatives, and providing tangible ways for Oregonians to get involved.

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Empowering Leaders

Emerging Leaders

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Representation matters.

Emerging Leaders is dedicated to improving racial and cultural diversity at the leadership level in companies by providing pathways to leadership for traditional and non-traditional students of color and aspiring professionals.


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Survival Is Not Enough

SINE is a membership network of Oregon professionals committed to leading in their vocation, building wealth, and changing the world for good.

SINE members, mentors, and backers are serious about empowering diverse leaders.

Ready to Rise

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Developing Leadership

Networks of effective leaders working together get things done. For our communities to thrive, we need diverse networks of homegrown leaders who are committed to building vibrant communities. Ready to Rise promotes leadership development and community support for the journey through college.

Mobilizing Community

Every Child

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Every Child Nurturing Families

Relentlessly fighting for children in crisis, Every Child offers love, care, and support to children in foster care and families who have nowhere else to turn. Every Child aims to provide love, care, and support for vulnerable children and families in Oregon in partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services.


Act Six

A top-flight leadership development initiative offering full scholarships for emerging urban and community leaders who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home.

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A scholarship program developed in partnership with Portland State University and Kaiser Permanente, Ignite supports pre-health students in reaching their healthcare career goals. Offering a network of support for service-minded diverse leaders, Ignite scholars provide mentoring for aspiring pre-health students.

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