What is The Contingent?

A group of people trained for action.

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Where We Started.

The Contingent originated as the Portland Leadership Foundation (PLF). For more than a decade, PLF grew and flourished with a vision of strengthening a just community through the development of multicultural leaders and the transformation of government and service leaders.


The continued success of the Portland Leadership Foundation’s initiatives led to statewide growth and the need for an identity that matches our commitment to all Oregonians. We keep the same dedication and swagger to serve the most marginalized communities while expanding our vision for the state we love.

A National Movement.

The Contingent is a venture non-profit focused on sparking and holding initiatives to empower leaders and mobilize community for the common good. Whether it is through mentoring, education, scholarships, internships, career development, mobilizing volunteers, or raising up foster families, we are witnessing an unprecedented contingent of leaders committed to do hard things.

This Movement is diverse. The Movement’s agenda is demonstrating radical hospitality and love. If we are successful in growing exponentially (as we imagine is possible), The Contingent will become an enduring and essential group of people standing in the gap for others in a time where the expected status quo is a divided society.

Take Action

Everyone and every perspective is vital in the movement. We invite you to become a part of The Contingent today!