What’s Changing?

New look, same vision.

Portland Leadership Foundation (PLF) started from scratch in 2008. With a small budget and two employees, PLF was focused on empowering diverse leaders through its inaugural initiative, Act Six (www.actsix.org). That focus expanded in scope; PLF not only has a range of leadership initiatives (including a diverse internship program committed to making Portland-area businesses more inclusive at the leadership level, Emerging Leaders (www.emergingleaderspdx.org), but in 2013, PLF invested heavily in developing a new division focused on mobilizing Oregonians. In 2017, through its Every Child (www.everychildoregon.org) initiative, PLF accepted a 36-county responsibility to recruit foster families and volunteers in partnership with the State of Oregon’s Department of Human Services.


Portland Leadership Foundation’s radical commitment to empowering leaders and mobilizing community has built a dynamic network of business partners, faith communities, higher education institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working together to tackle the most vexing challenges in Oregon.


Through the leadership of its Board of Directors, Portland Leadership Foundation is excited to embrace a statewide responsibility. Now known as The Contingent we are a group of people trained for action, while carrying a mission to empower leaders and mobilize community for the common good. Committed to serving across all 36 counties in Oregon, The Contingent will run toward danger and dream-up solutions to seemingly intractable problems. The Contingent’s logo is representative of its people, mission and values. The icon has two bold circles representing people coming together for the common good of Oregon. When combined with the circle made by the negative space in the middle of the icon, the three circles represent “the third way,” because The Contingent looks at how things are being done by government and the communities it serves, and knows there must be another way, a better way. The lines in the icon represent the arms and legs of people in motion, making things happen. When looked at another way, these same lines depict two arrows pointing toward the center, focused on the heart — because a heart of compassion is behind all The Contingent does.


Along with a new name and brand identity, The Contingent also announces the launch of a new idea incubation division called the Action Lab. The Action Lab will consider at least two new investments per year, which will include a deliberative process through a codified “Action Process.” The Contingent will announce its first ground-breaking investment on January 17th.

Take Action

Get involved at any level. Everyone and every perspective is vital in the movement to transform Oregon.